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Could you retire with what you don't spend on addiction?

Posted in Reasons to quit 26 Jan 2019

Just in time they have changed the categories to money and family. I am torn between working part-time as a waitress and retiring. My kids seem to spend any extra money, whereas i have had hard times in earlier years and tend to be a saver. I do help my kids by enabling them to raise their kids in by house for nominal rent... meaning it pays mine elsewhere.

Liberal gov. does not give me any incentive, as they will take from me to give to others that lived beyond their means and not saved for retirement. They will take dollar for dollar for the rent money i get.

A savings of a mere 150 in my case must be a magnitude of difference for some in Australia for $1000 a month now, or what smoking can escalate in cost to.

Even that $150 month times two because my husband also quit, opens a whole new realm of possibilities.

Is there a price tag on health? A price tag on time spent with family? A price tag on helping others?

If i retire, and live a simple life which i am happy to do, while helping others to quit smoking, then i feel justified in retiring. Who knows who you help alone or as a group. If we touch but one life, who knows what history we have changed? I do not post and spend time on here because i am unhappy, but because i love life and i sincerely want others to enjoy and love theirs to the fullest.

I apologize to those who feel i am long winded! That is who I am. I pull no punches and tell no lies. ... I am me... and proud of it!

I may have found it easier to quit than most... but as i have before stated, all stories are invaluable . It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a great tool like iCanQuit to make a difference between just using any Nrt and success! Anyone can quit smoking, the tools and support available are here in abundance to quit permanently .

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  • Debbie317 January 26, 2019 | 20:50
    Hello Happiness, You written a few stories now that Ive read and feel badly as Ive not responded but I not sure how to. I think your friend (smoking) is dead and buried. Doubt I could offer any advise.

    So I just wanted to respond by saying Thanks for the help you give me and I am sure many others.
  • WendyOhNo January 27, 2019 | 0:59
    Congrats on your quit! I agree with you - it take a village. This site as well as many others helped me tremendously.

    To those who think just like you are thinking:

    Remember, its not just the 150. It’s the cost of doctor’s visits, the costs of medications during the cold/flu (it takes much more to get better and much longer as well), its the interrupted sleep that you may not even realize takes place because you crave even when you are sleeping. It’s the value of your home and vehicle if smoke in them. It’s the odor on your clothing. It’s the constant running back and forth to get cigarettes. It’s paying $2 or 3 for taxes PER PACK! If the government already makes you mad, knowing how much you pay just in taxes should infuriate you. So, no its not just the 150/month.

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