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Posted in Hints and tips 20 Jan 2019
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I just found a site that deals with the psychological aspect for those having difficulties with that part of the journey.

I just signed up for this free course to see what it was about and they sent me the first lesson which was to simply see when i smoked and under what circumstances.

I guess they will send me another lesson tomorrow. I will follow it and learn what i can although i am not in need of it.

It may be of value or re-enforcement for some.

Hope it helps.

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness January 22, 2019 | 17:38
    Ok, so the above is a downloadable program that costs $120 for something pretty close to my plan in "If You've Given Up Given Up". Tapering down naturally on cigarettes, Learning about you and nicotine to change your psychological dependency and making behavioural changes. Support, like this group and hot-line.

    It may be a good value for those that find parting with cigarettes more than they can accept. That is why i encourage members to read and learn about the mindset here.

    Allan Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking or The Only Way To Stop Smoking Permanently (an update of the first) are still cheaper and address the same fears and concerns. (As we do right here on iCanquit)

    If you truly have the desire to become a non-smoker you will.

    If you need help to believe that you want to quit, read and learn.

    Quitting is not nearly as hard as you feared. The Cigarette did absolutely nothing for you. Smoking a cigarette is merely the remedy for the craving it caused . It is a vicious cycle that can be broken. All it takes is a belief and willingness to make a few changes day by day to get started.

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