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Posted in Reasons to quit 15 Jan 2019

Hiya all Newbie here from the UK.

I'm on day 98 and I can tell you it's been hard I quit the day after my Dads funeral I told him I would stop and I have kept my word bit as you can imagine it hasn't been easy but I did it through the hardest time in my life,my dad had copd heart disease bowel cancer etc and I watched him every day wither away to nothing it does out things into perspective,98 days later I'm still off them it's been hard but I keep myself busy,Health wise I feel so much better I too was on a copd spray for the last 9 months but since quitting I haven't used it once so it just shows,I'm so glad I decided to do it when I did as the time was right for me.Keep going all your stronger than you think and it's worth it xx

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  • Debbie317 January 15, 2019 | 20:10
    Hi ya tan51,
    wow day 98 thats over 3 months to some of us that are new to being a nonsmoker that is like a life time. Yes be very proud of yourself.

    Sorry to hear about your Dad. Must have been rough for ya.

    Nice of ya to join our group.
  • John 100 January 15, 2019 | 23:40
    Welcome to the site, your story is an inspiration to many people you don't even know. Thanks.
  • Happiness January 16, 2019 | 1:40
    So sorry for your loss Tan51. I am sure your Dad will rest easier knowing you are looking after yourself better now. Staying a non-smoker will bring greater health benefits again over time. Thanks for sharing and you stay strong!
  • Aniruddha January 16, 2019 | 4:39
    thanks for sharing your story. It is indeed very inspiring! Wish you the best

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