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Champix half dose

Posted in Quit experiences 11 Jan 2019

I’ve been sick on the full tablet lots so I cut in half , this has gone great . No cigs for 5 weeks now but I still have the odd craving . Is this normal wen do they stop

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  • Happiness January 11, 2019 | 16:25
    Hi Hev548. Its great that you are still quit, although by your question, it is pretty clear that you did not take the time to read posts and learn about nicotine, addiction, withdrawals and how we all gave you the same advice on the mindset(on your last two stories)_. Maybe you should research and learn and find the answer for yourself this time around.
  • Red-67 January 13, 2019 | 9:40
    Hey Hev, 5 weeks, is great, any way you do it :)
    So, to answer your question, the cravings will stop as soon as you let them.. At this point, your body is free of nicotine, but your mind is not free of the habit. The illusion that you are missing something. You can let that go. Just accept the fact that you never want another cigarette, and stop thinking like a smoker.. It really can be as easy as you make it..

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