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Posted in Getting started 11 Jan 2019

I am back again. I have been having more trouble breathing lately and currently have bronchitis and a bad cough. I tried to quit about 6months ago but failed miserably. I don’t smoke cigarettes but am addicted to cheap cigars. If I don’t quit now I am sure I won’t see my grandkids graduate from high school. I’m also sure my wife will be left a widow for many years. I feel really lousy about all this and hope I somehow manage to stay quit this time


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  • Happiness January 11, 2019 | 3:42
    Hi Paidi. I advocate cold turkey , or rather smart turkey. You have been here in the past, and you therefore must know about the mindset involved to make it an easier journey.l You have seen others succeed, and know it is possible.
    Maybe now , you really do WANT to quit. If you don't feel that in your heart then keep reading posts until you do. Willpower alone will not generally work, and even if it did, you do not have it, sorry to say. You gave up at 70 hours before, and as a doctor you know how it takes 72 hours for nicotine to leave the body. 3 weeks to shut down the nicotine receptors. You did not want to quit, or were afraid to, even though you are afraid to continue.

    Such is the control the nicotine monster holds over us. We have also been brainwashed for years about how hard it is to quit, but ask around to some here who actually WANTED to quit and find their way to freedom, just how EASY it can be. It is not in the least as frightening as we were led to believe. Cravings are mere thoughts. If you thought you had willpower, then a mere thought should be a piece of cake. Ignore and do something else. After all, the cravings is just a sign that it is dying. That should please you , not make you anxious and threatened.

    Diet is also extremely important. Eating sugary strawberry pastries, chocolate and something else extremelly unhealthy that you took to eating only exasperates symptoms that could be interpreted as nicotine withdrawal.Eat a Mediterranean diet of whole foods. No junk and bad fats, sugars and loads of starch! I have also read to cut the caffeine intake by half of your usual to keep blood sugar levels. (too much caffeine makes you jittery and the nicotine used to cancel it out)

    As i stated, i advocate smart turkey, but only in the right mindset. Champix does not contain nicotine and i would choose that method as my second choice. It will kill your desire to smoke. You still need to change your daily smoking habits, and associations while smoking for the first few days. Cut out those golf cigars, with coffee, in the car and other normal times. Wait it out after a good breakfast, and find a shame corner. Think about every puff while thinking of all it has taken from you. Think how you will miss seeing your grandkids graduating, let alone meeting your great grandchildren. Your wife will have to endure a life change experience as well. Just as hard as your quitting smoking. How fair is that?

    Mindset, behavioural changes and support from a great sight like this all have a positve impact on your success. We know you can do it. Do you?

  • ravisca2003 January 12, 2019 | 0:35
    Dear Paidi,
    I am with you on your attempt to quit. Since I have been there and still managing to stick to my attempt, I know how it feels.

    If you may way to try what helped me quitting cold turkey, please read below.

    I quit cold turkey as I was having severe infection and I was scared of my 20 plus years of smoking consequences.

    I was helped by few videos on YouTube about self hypnosis for quitting cigarette and my affection to life and family.

    I think if u r feeling about Ur kids wife and family thats a very strong factor which support our decision. Rest all helps.

    Feel free to write back to share . We all are here for you.

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