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Posted in Quit experiences 09 Jan 2019

Hi all, now I have wrote a bit of a story and can understand if you don’t get through it. But if helps just one person that can relate to my last 4 months that would be great. It’s not easy giving up, we’ll some find it easier than others. So hear goes....

My last packet cost me $56.00 for a pack of 50, they had gone up $2.00 from the week before. They are now $63.00 for a pack so they have gone up that much in 4 months.😲

It took me 6 months if not longer to get into the right mind set, I tried to quit in March 2018, lasted 2 days. I was so angry with my self to thing how weak I have become to the cigarettes 🚬. Allen Carr how to quit smoking permanently is a eye opener and put me in the right frame of mind. I also used the ear magnet which did slow me down from 15 per day to 7 per day. I Only had the magnet on for 7 days and didn’t even notice how much I wasn’t smoking.. I went on champix and stopped smoking on the third day, so really I had put all the steps in place and champix secured my quit. ( I haven’t finished the first course of champix by the way only took it for 3 weeks).

I found my trigger was when someone would say you can never have another cigarette or another puff. OMG my anxiety level would be through the roof, it was like putting a red rage to a bull..

Now I have had a couple of slip ups, within 2 week of quitting something happen which put my stress levels through the roof, I had a about 6 🚬 (that was in 1 night) and being on champix did not go down well.🤢🤮 i was sick for 5 days after that....

I spoke to a quit line as I wasn’t sure weather to restart my quit date as just the thought of starting over again just deflated me. He said to me you are on the right path and don’t let a little set back stop from your journey to succeed, You are only human and you are going to make mistakes, just keep going.

The second time was 1 month later I had 6 or 8 cigarettes in one day I was stressed and that problem that happened around a month earlier just got a hole lot worse. I have to say at this point I am not on champix anymore. ( I swear I felt like I was being tested big time) OMG the next day I was soooooo sick, it was worse than a severe hangover. (And yes took another week to get over it) They say sit down have a cigarette and think about it, I did that 6 to 8 times in that day and can honestly say it didn’t work for me. It Didn’t make this problem go away and didn’t make it any better. Now a days I seem to make better decisions without the smokes.

After the second slip up I have had cigarettes in the house and while they where here I was fine I didn’t smoke them and didn’t think about them until a friend came over and had ran out knowing I had 18 Cigarettes in my possession. I went to give the 18 and found it was harder than I thought to let them go, I didn’t want them but I felt I needed them as like they where a security blanket.🤔anyway I gave 16 and left me with 2 but I wanted them replaced, so the first few days was hard, I didn’t want to smoke just the thought of not having them hear was a night mare. After a week I settled didn’t think about them, anyway she replaced them a week before Xmas, by then I was over it I still had the 2 still sitting there untouched. ( crazy how the mind works)..

So New Year’s Eve I decided I would have my last cigarette, I really didn’t want it. It took me a few hours to light up, I had to force myself ( this at 715 pm not midnight).... this will be my first of many or the last, by the four puff all I could think of was what a waste of time, money and my mouth tasted so disgusting yuk. The next day I went and seen my friend gave her the 17 cigarettes I had left and it didn’t faze me one little bit no anxiety nothing if anything I felt so relieved. No regrets I’m happy with my choice only wish I quit the money time waster a lot earlier..

I am 122 days quit not smoke free. Even though I am not smoke free in 122 days I have had all up 3 days where I have smoked, I have avoided 12,800 cigarettes I have saved just over $2000.00. 🥇🥇🥇👍 I’m a winner grinner. 😁😁😁😁

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  • weewillem January 10, 2019 | 0:06
    Thanks for your great story SuzyQ. I'm horrified that we can have this awful addictef substance peddled in our stores and in our movies
  • Red-67 January 10, 2019 | 7:26
    I agree with the idea of keeping some, until one is really ready to let go.. Many, throw everything away, but as a smoker, and I knew, for me, the thought of not having them there, would be more stress. It is much better to make them something you just don't want, not something you can't have. I kept smokes, lighter, and ashtray handy, for at least the first month, then kept an unopened pack lying around for a year. You got this.. No reason to ever go back now :)
  • Buster Gusset , Sydney January 10, 2019 | 7:34
    Good on ya SuzyQ you’re an inspiration! Well done beating the mind games. I’m on day 19 after years of trying to quit finally feel like I’m making head way on this goal. And watching the bank balance go up!
  • SuzyQ92, Southern NSW January 10, 2019 | 15:22
    Thanks red-67, Weewilliam and buster gusset.I feel so much better not smoking, I can lay on my back without coughing up a lung now. The fear of letting go is the hardest isn’t it, isn’t it amazing how you can’t afford some luxury’s and you do go without as you just don’t have the money but when it comes to a packet of cigarettes you seem to be able to scrap up the money somehow.. keep going, 19 days will become 190 days before you know it. The year goes so quick, I want be able to say I quit 1year 4 months but am smoke free for 365 days.. 😁👍
  • AddyCanQuit, South Eastern Sydney January 10, 2019 | 18:08
    Well done!!! Loved reading this & it’s very much a journey. It’s interesting that everyone finds different things triggering. I wouldn’t get too caught up on “days quit vs smoke free”. I think you’re incredibly inspiring to all of us either way!
  • Happiness January 11, 2019 | 9:47
    All stories are valuable SuzyQ, especially if it touches someone personally in their journey. As much as i look forward the success stories like yours, as many do, the slip ups and helpful insights like this also help. That is why we have this forum, to share ideas, feelings, compare etc... Some like i are more active, but i don't have the knowledge that others possess. It is truly a group effort. I too kept cartons of cigarettes on hand and selling them off now. I swished a couple of drags in my mouth earlier on in my quit to remind me how vile they were. How could you crave that filth! I could literally taste the poisons.

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