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Day 60 and can't Decide .......

Posted in Getting started 09 Jan 2019

Like planning dinner, the worst part is wondering what to make. Doing the rest is easy in comparison.

First there are the choices, beef, chicken , fish or pork? Then factors involved (too long to thaw, too hot to cook, too heavy, its at the bottom of the freezer. Maybe you are missing an ingredient.

Once you have made a decision and have the ingredients you need you can see it to its completion. It may not be grandmas recipe, but it will still end up as dinner. If you happened to burn the crap out of it, will you never try your favourite dish again? Of course not. You know what went wrong and just won't make that mistake again. We learn through our mistakes and our journeys here are no different.

The hardest part is getting started. Finding the Want, the How and a great forum like this for support.

Once started there is a recipe to follow. Follow it , keep focused and see it through to completion. Most will succeed in their endeavors, but if you omitted an essential ingredient like an egg, your souffle will flop. Lesson learned and you will achieve it the next attempt.

With practice you may even improve on the dish. You will be proud of it, as you reap compliments and feel good moments when others ask for your recipe.

Be proud as you serve up this healthy recipe and instill a lifestyle of good choices.

Never forget that you are role model, and never forget NOPE!

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