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The batsman at the crease.

Posted in Hints and tips 29 May 2012

After 40 years as a slave to that stuff, I am presently 3 days cold turkey nico free. It isn't easy and I don't kid myself that it will ever get easier, so this is how I am dealing with the "wants" as I prefer to call them. They only last 1 or 2 seconds but they can be frequent at times, so:

 I see myself as Ricky Ponting at the crease after a form slump and batting for my cricketing life. Each and every "want" is another ball faced and deflected towards the boundary, let through to the keeper, or just blocked and my wicket defended. I am not going for the big hit here, defending the wicket has absolute priority. I have had some very near misses so far, a few dropped catches but I am still here and still batting for my life.  

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  • MickeyJ , Southern NSW May 29, 2012 | 17:43
    Good on you! I went cold turkey too - maybe a bit like batting with no helmet and no pads? Believe it or not, it does get easier ... Much easier than the first few days. Keep defending your wicket, and look out for the occasional bouncer!
  • Freakboy May 30, 2012 | 11:34
    I 100% agree with Mickey Im at 148 days cold turkey with no slip ups yet. I love every day I have not smoking but still keep my guard up.
  • cheaney , Central Coast May 30, 2012 | 15:12
    first four days are the worst...

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