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Imperative Reading on Mindset and Fear of Success

Posted in Hints and tips 01 Jan 2019
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There is so much for newcomers to read and learn from. There are many good posts and conversations . Robn writes so eloquently and always gives sound advice. Please take the time to read these 2 of her posts and the dialogue that follows.

Just a thought

Quitting once

I have read a few stories from start to present, but of course cannot read them all. There are so many inspiring stories. Does anyone else have a particular favourite that really helped them out during their quit? I have only read the most recent posts for the most part. Perhaps a compilation with the subject, name and title listed.

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  • Happiness January 03, 2019 | 14:32
    Notthistime ... in her article about Nutrition..... has an excellent point about how nutrition affects the the body . A good diet of whole foods, less processed and sugary, starchy foods. A list of foods that make you happy too!
    Don't forget when you cut off nicotine to cut your coffee intake in half, drink lots of water and eat breakfast, all which help so you don't get symptoms of anxiety and assume they are cravings. I was doing this while i quit smoking already because i was on an eating better health kick.
    Hopefully, some may find a difference.

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