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Illawarra Shoalhaven

yeeeha ive stopped coughing

Posted in Staying quit 23 Dec 2018

its so amazing boys and gals that everyone can really stop smoking by going cold turkey. let your heart control your brain and after a week or two your brain will start to adjust to the new world of smoke free zone.its been over 4 months for me and i have stopped counting. you have no idea the difference after stopping. just the thought of putting a cigarette in my mouth again makes me pull negative thoughts with my face as if to say this is yiak. yes the crave still exists but i have it all under control. if you say to your self this is the last pack your going to have well that wont happen.your mind has to be positive and quit right at this moment and destroy the rest of the pack. you will regret it cause you wasted all that money but i promise you will get your money back by not touching another one again. i beg you to start the battle with this demon my friends. if i can do it after 50 years well why cant you ? Let the games begin and show the demon who is smarter. remember every time the crave comes just call out 'NO' and think of something else. Your the one that reached out for help to quit so this is my story that worked. How exciting it will be when you tell us your story. dont forget to call out 'NO'

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  • Happiness December 23, 2018 | 19:54
    Great quit and great advice last pack. Yes, I have stopped counting and would have to calculate the days now. After a time, it is your new life, which will eventually fit you like a second skin. I really only think of cigarettes when on this site, and in a negative way. I am so happy fate stepped in and led me on this wonderful journey to freedom.
  • last pack, Illawarra Shoalhaven December 23, 2018 | 21:45
    i am happy for you Happiness and well done with your own journey.i would love to see others follow our foot steps cause they will experience the vast difference and i have noticed it has helped my depression and anxieties that i suffered after i lost my darling.i am glad i picked the right time to quit. x0x
  • Happiness December 24, 2018 | 9:32
    Would you and other be so kind as to give newcombers extra incentive
  • Happiness December 24, 2018 | 9:44
    oops, hit wrong key

    Would you and others be so kind as to give newcomers extra incentive with compelling and successful quit methods under my "A New Years Resolution-Now What ?"I thought it may be a useful page with accounts of successful quits by various methods, so someone interested in that particular method could follow that kind of quit story. Now is the time of year that our success stories may have the greatest impact on others. Thank you , and may all who wish to quit smoking be blessed with success!

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