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2 Years Quit: How to grow to be a happy NON smoker

Posted in Hints and tips 20 Dec 2018

The day is here! 2 years quite for me. Although I am celebrating and am more confident than ever, I am not going let the nico demon use this as an excuse that I have beaten it and I can "just have one puff, or one cigarette"

I found a video presentation that was interesting and thought I would share what I related to most and wrote about in my postings on this site:

1. When starting out do not think that you are "quitting" smoking. Think of it as you are "escaping" smoking. The simple difference has a big impact on how we process and visualize ourselves achieving the desired outcome of becoming a non smoker.

2. Our mental inner voice struggles when quitting are "I want a cigarette" and followed with "no, you can't have a cigarette" and this continues several hundreds of times / day. Instead of saying "cigarette" replace it with something positive like "I want to continue seeing *insert loved ones name*" OR "I want air". Practicing and repeating this several hundred times a day helps keep our thoughts from focusing on a "cigarette"

3. For long term quitters (for me, I knew I had become a long term quitter after around 9 months), you need to continue conditioning the skill you have learned. There are tips and tricks you used to get through the first week/month/3 months, etc. Like anything, if we don't continue to use and condition this new skill, we will forget it, which gives the nico demon a chance to strike if you should be faced with a situation/event that makes you weakened in resolve. An example would be giving yourself a reward every so often that is specific to quitting smoking. For me, I have been wanting a pizza slice with chocolate milk followed with a heavenly dessert. I don't normally do this, but today is going to be an exception (and I can't wait for it!).

To anyone just starting out and thinking that 2 weeks, 2 months is impossible, just remember everyone on this site was at the exact point you are at not time or another!

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  • Larn April 27, 2019 | 13:15
    I wanted to say thank you. When i was 2 weeks in (a year ago) you left me some great tips. I wish i had of listened to all of them and done what you said, it would have made the year much easier in hindsight but nonetheless i made it to 1 year. Thanks heaps, and congratulations.
  • Lia December 20, 2018 | 21:55
    Hi NotThisTime. Agree with everything you said. Can identify with it all. Wouldn't it be great if everyone starting out on this site could believe in the need to quit and to get through the tough times. There is no such thing as cutting down. I remember trying that one and ended up rewarding myself over and over again. Then I discovered this site. 1300 days later starting out cold turkey ended up working for me. No "reward" puffs along the way either.
  • Happiness December 20, 2018 | 11:49
    so true Red. I can only hope that everyone could grasp the ideal of becoming a happy nonsmoker . Quitting smoking does not need to be hard. Government and cigarette companies and pharmaceutical companies thrive on our addictions. Nadia Davis and Allan Car both give us tools to break free. If you truly want it and believe you can do it , you can. It is your mind that holds, you back, and we do have the control and tools to change our own minds!
  • Red-67 December 20, 2018 | 5:37
    If you make the choice, to stop thinking like a smoker, and embrace being a non smoker, there is no thought of just one puff, or one cigarette, for any reason :)
  • Happiness December 20, 2018 | 3:30
    Well done NotThisTime

    Congratulations on escaping the trap of the nicotine monster.

    I love the terminology "escape". It makes our journeys sound more adventurous and exciting. You ducked and Dove (2 D's from the nicotine'monsters deadly darts and escaped to a wonderful place called Freedom. You have definitely earned your reward of Delicious Dessert. (2 more Ds)

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