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Posted in Getting started 07 Dec 2018

Well, here i sit ,one month off being 40 feeling like my time is clicking away with each smoke. Ive been smoking since i was 13... ergh! But , im tired of feeling lifeless, out of breath, tired of not being able to do things i love and want to do, like hiking, rock climbing, running with my kids.... im scared i will die young.... i feel i will if i keep going this way. But im scared of quitting.. how silly.. i dont even know why. Im scared i will crave smokes so much, scared i wont fit in,lol. My hubby smokes and wants to quit too, but his reliance is sooo much stronger than mine.... what if i quit and cant kiss him anymore because he stinks.... this scares me too . But, im hoping my quit journey will help him too.... my plan is to cut back slowly and replace my cravings with some excersise... pushups for example. Ive rolled myself 6 smokes for the day and im going to try and stick to it.... im a 20 a day smoker, so lets see.

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  • Red-67 December 07, 2018 | 8:44
    HI, and welcome :)
    The only thing you should fear, is continuing to smoke.
    I too, cut down, over a few weeks, and then went cold turkey.. What helped me, was taking a moment, and just looking at that thing, I was about to light, and asking myself why.. We think, we smoke because we want to, because we like it, but all that is just the lie from the addiction.. By that I mean, addicted to smoking, not just nicotine, but the act, the habit.. For me, and many others, that is much stronger than the nicotine.. Get your hubby to read some of these stories, and get Allen Carr's book, The easy way to stop smoking... I hear it can really help with the mind set.. If you both quit, together, it will be much better.
    Let yourself really see, that you are just a slave to a little tube of tobacco.. Really see, that SMOKING MAKES YOU STUPID .. Why else, would an otherwise intelligent person, waste good money, time, and health, just to inhale a bunch of poison ?? Think about that every time you go to light one.. It gets really easy to just put it back for later.. Then later gets farther and farther apart :)
    That is what worked for me, a 45 year, pack a day+ smoker.. I will soon be 2 years free.. You can do it too.. :)
    Oh, I also kept a pack, lighter, and ashtray, and kept my coffee, and my bourbon.. The sooner you face those triggers the better.. Just make the choice, to become a non smoker. Make it something you no longer want, not something you can't have.. That sounds simple, but it makes a world of difference. This is really just a mind game, and you CAN win it :)
  • Lia December 07, 2018 | 23:27
    Hi. Ditto to absolutely everything Red-67 says. After 3 1/2 years smoke free and nearly $28 000 saved from the ashtray, I still have the half pack of Dunhill Blue ciggies and !/2 pack Davidoff Duty free cigarettes and 4 lighters which I abandoned all those months and years ago. (I found another dozen lighters and gave them away to smoker friends). I am enjoying my $28 000 "pay rise". I have squandered $6000 on gold & diamond bling, shoes, clothes and Tennis tickets to see Roger Federer. Battling to "waste" the rest! To think all that could have been ash and at my age, I may not have been far behind as far as being turned into ash prematurely. Feel like there is more in the tank now.
  • Happiness December 08, 2018 | 1:57
    Hi Rachie8. Welcome. You have come to a great site for sound advice and moral support for your quit.

    Red 67 gives great advice. The mind set which is what Allan Carrs book is about is key to an EASY quitting exp[experience. I quit without reading the book. Cutting back drastically for 3 days was the worst of my whole journey. I would recommend just putting them in the bathroom and make that your smoking room, standing up. You won't feed denied in this way, but you won't enjoy them them same either. In this way you will cut down, break associations like with coffee, driving, put off
  • Happiness December 08, 2018 | 3:09
    oops, wasn't ready to post...

    ....put off having one after meals. Swish the smoke in your mouth and actually taste it. While you smoke do as Red says and think about the negatives. How much it costs you, how it will affect your health, how you are standing in the bathroom feeling guilty while you could be doing something else.

    Think of the positives. How much nicer you will smell to your kids, what you will be able to do with them, how much more money you will have to do family things. Maybe Dad will quit too when he sees you doing it. My hubby did, but he read the book.

    Set a quit date for a couple of weeks time, read some posts here and do the mindset ideas above and you should have no problem with your quit. In fact if you quit early i believe you can change your quit date. Do this for you. You are worth it!

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