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Vaping and pets

Posted in Quit experiences 30 Nov 2018

Hello everyone, I quit smoking and vaping several days ago, so now I am inspired to share my success story. I decided to quit smoking last year, but then I started vaping. I can say that it helps to stop smoking. But now I decided to quit vaping; I think it will be great for my health.

I did it because of my cat. I noticed that it reacts on the smoke from a vape, and understood that it could be harmful to its health too, it was unfair. And of course, I learned from the articles that some substances really can induce some specific reactions (VapingDaily and other sites if you are interested). So now I feel like a hero, I made something great for me and my pet.

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  • Happiness November 30, 2018 | 3:16
    Hi Fran
    Its wonderful that you have quit both and saved yourself and cat potential problems down the road. We forget how much the second hand smoke affects our loved ones and others, and how selfish that is really. The nicotine monster certainly did have a hold on us. We would have let it kill us before quitting, I am so grateful that i got out of its stranglehold.

    Thanks for the story Fran. I am sure there are others capable of a moments clarity and the realization of what it does to family members. We hope this will give them pause to think. The nicotine monster has not only blinded us, but deafened us as well. If you don't care enough about yourself to quit then do it for someone you love. Should anyone feel like they are caving , this is a powerful incentive to add to your resolve to quitting smoking. For anyone thinking of quitting,why not set your quit date now?
  • Nikkimontana December 03, 2018 | 19:29
    Hey Fran! That looks like my story. I quit smoking around 1 year ago but I've started vape at the same time. It was better than just smoking. I would like to feel me like a hero too. But I need to work a lot for this! I know VapingDaily and I used it several months ago. Could u recommend me some good sites where I can buy a vape starter kit with juice like this one? I often buy it here, but if u know some others it could be nice)
    Thank you

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