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5 months 1 week quit.

Posted in Quit experiences 29 Nov 2018

As a now proud to say nonsmoker, my advice is to stay focused and committed. We all have the strength inside of us to stop harmful habits and self-defeat. I know that when we fight the fight and remain determined and view the cancer-causing sticks as the enemy, we win the war. I have not thought of smoking since I stopped abruptly, cold turkey, after making myself consciously hate the disgusting things, the smell on my breath, clothes, furniture in the car, and home and putting my fur babies in harm’s way of second-hand smoke. Throwing money away to harm myself, How I looked with a smoke hanging out of my mouth, and my stained teeth, taking long periods to heal from the common cold and so many other negative reasons for just wanting to stop the nasty habit. My experience of withdrawal was really the first week. I would find myself crying and had an increased appetite. I also had a nasty headache for a few days but that seemed like a small sacrifice to pay considering the win I was chasing.

So, five months and one week later, I am free from my nicotine captors and am so much better for it in every aspect of life. I have noticed that smoking is not as common in public anymore, I have rarely seen any body smoke. On the few occasions that I have encountered a smoker the smell hits me like a ton of bricks and makes me feel very sick. That is what I smelt like. I will come back on my 6-month anniversary on 22nd December and see how everybody else is doing. This is a great site for catch ups and an excellent support network.

Well done everyone in this wonderful quit community. Lets all keep up the good work and come together to celebrate as continue our life travels as non smokers.

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  • Happiness November 29, 2018 | 1:45
    You are indeed an inspiration to others Dab57. I will be here with my wine to raise a glass to your 6 month milestone of success!
  • DAB57 November 29, 2018 | 9:14
    Hi Happiness, thank you. I think on this site we are all inspirations to each other. it is nice to have friends of a feather. I will raise a glass with you. Many thanks dear friend.
  • Aniruddha November 29, 2018 | 10:55
    Congratulations! And thanks for sharing your experience. I am almost 4 months quit and love to read such inspiring experiences and advice.
  • DAB57 November 29, 2018 | 11:05
    Hello Aniruddha. Thank you for your kind words. Congratulations to you also, 4 months is a huge milestone. It is so great to see these wonderful stories and knowing that we are the winners in the deathly and evil nicotine fight.
  • joanne4514 December 03, 2018 | 23:12
    i love reading these inspiring stories...i'm hitting my 3rd month on Dec 5th and i have to tell is very freeing! i seldom think of my ol habit, and when i's a fleeting thought that i quickly brush away! :)
  • DAB57 December 29, 2018 | 23:57
    Hi @Happiness and all of my 'icanguit' post friends. At my 5th month posting I said I would post on the 22nd December as it marked my 6 month anniversary of quitting the disgusting cancer sticks. I was unable to post due to the busy period leading up to Christmas but I am very happy to say that I achieved goal. Actually as I write this, I am now 6 months and 1 week, or 189.5 days free, and so very happy that I am no longer a slave to the nicotine companies who of course never cared about me or my health, but only how much money they could make off a sucker like me.
    I feel great, I can laugh without coughing, I don't have fears that come with smoking. I.e running out of cigarettes at the most inconvenient times, having to stand outside in the cold or heat at events just to get a few puffs of poison, smelling like a disgusting astray when talking to people, worrying about health issues pertaining to smoking and wasting the money to purchase the cancer causing drug.

    So yes i am now nicotine free and have reached a point of no return. I will never ever go back, I am lucky that I was not tempted to have just one and it has been a relatively smooth ride for me. I had some discomfort in the first two weeks but they were not too bad and bearable. My mantra was "there is no gain without pain" these words were very powerful. They helped me to embrace the pain and understand that it was all part of the experience in this detox process. I am another person who is living proof that being a former smoker is a goal that anybody can achieve just by believing in themselves and staying committed to their cause. It is a fight and a fight that makes us stronger. By finding the strength to quit smoking, it empowers us to confront deal with and defeat any and all the demons we have to fight in our lives.
    I wish you all a very Happy New Year and may the force be with you. Stay strong, stay determined and be forever powerful.

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