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Just stopped Cold Turkey, can I still start with Champix?

Posted in Getting started 28 Nov 2018

Long story short.

I have a prescription starter pack of Champix, but decided a few hours ago I had enough of smoking after I came back from a lousy rainy run. It does help I was also out of cigs.

I've been planning to quit for while, and was able to get a prescription of Champix before I moved internationally from my previous GP.

Does it still make sense to start with the Champix after you've had your last one (few hours ago).

I've been smoking for 25+years close to a pack a day.

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  • Tapio, Hunter New England November 28, 2018 | 5:07
    I would definitely start champix it helps stop the cravings . I am currently on champix and I have been smoke free for a month now 👍champix definitely helps me and my will power as welll
  • LizaRokka, Northern Sydney November 28, 2018 | 10:01
    Hi Diver, the Uni of NSW is running a program and I have been given Champix, Quitline.

    Ring the Cessate Program at 1800 290 612.

    I have struggled with Champix with nausea and feeling a bit spaced out and stopped but I was advised to half the dose in the morning and take another full dose at night after dinner.
    Starting today. Wish you luck.
  • joanne4514 November 29, 2018 | 6:35
    wow full dose at night seems like a lot! please let us know!! i use to take my night one in 4-5 pm

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