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Going cold turkey

Posted in Getting started 27 Nov 2018

Hello everyone!!.. day 2 now and I’m feeling 👌. I booked an appointment with the doc yesterday to get started on champix. The champix is still in my car as I have decided to go cold turkey.. this forum is a great help and is the reason I didn’t start the champix...thank you to everyone sharing their experiences... hope I can keep up the willpower

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  • Happiness November 28, 2018 | 0:48
    Welcome Atak. Congratulations on taking your first steps to becoming a Happy Non-Smoker. You have armed yourself with knowledge, distractions plans and hopefully the right mindset to make this journey an easier one for yourself. Quitting isn't nearly as hard i don't think as we were all led to believe. I am day 20 cold turkey now with no cravings since day 3. By the way, I don't think of it as will power as much as i call it a belief in yourself , and the desire to succeed.

    Once you understand about nicotine, how it addicted you and took over a part of your brain, you can learn to undo its damage and be free of it once and for all. Once you understand that it gave you absolutely nothing but has gobbled up your money and eroded your health , you can see that it serves you no purpose.
    If you are here because you want to quit with the belief that you will be happier and free then you will be. You will be free of the psychological cravings simply because you won't crave something you don't want. My new posting under cravings may help some to know what i am trying to explain about Mindset. It is a picture within a picture.
    Keep busy, Keep the goal post in sight, and Keep the quit!
  • Atak November 28, 2018 | 1:08
    Hi Happiness... I absolutely agree that you need the right mind set!!heres hoping I can keep a strong mind to kick the addiction!!

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