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Beginning of the end - or is this the start of a new beginning?

Posted in Hints and tips 27 May 2012

Hi all to all those anxious about giving up your soulmate that you have had all those years. Yeah, that one that always bleeds you of money, your time, your health!! I have been smoking since I was 15 (I am now 41) and have tried a few times to give up. some of them being very sucessful, but only failed due to my own stupidity!!

Some classic examples of truth: The cravings subside - I was hospitalised AT 18 for nearly 3 months, cravings stopped, but what did I do as soon as I was allowed outside? Had a smoke GRRR! Gave up smoking at around 23 (I have found if you put ur smokes in an inconvenient place, it makes smoking less convenient...I put mine in my letterbox..not as easy to grab one if you have to walk a distance to get one) had a few drinks one night, thought "one won't hurt", back to one smoke a day, then two, then three GRRR X2!! Gave up again or attempted to two years ago, but due to stress of kids and partner, fell for the "one won't hurt", GRR X 3!! This time I know my triggers, I have already been practising before I give up in three days (if kids/hubby stress me, I remove myself, breathe thru it and move on). Your mind is a powerful tool - use it, remind yourself that this will pass, entertain yourself with other thoughts, and reward yourself for every day you make it thru....hope you guys will be there for me, cos I have made the decision not to tell my family and friends, I found the pressure of "how you going with ur smoking, or have you had a smoke yet" too much, I've decided to say nothing and see if they notice ;-) (other than my sister, my dr and quitline, those three know)

best of luck you looking forward to no longer being a leper!!

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  • donnacan! May 27, 2012 | 23:21
    PS: I probably forgot to mention another very pivotal reason for giving up, my father died of emphysema, I watched him die at 21, and yet for another 20 years I continue to pollute my lungs, I would really be heartbroken for my sons to see me die the way my Dad did, it is incredibly cruel, slow and painful, not days, not weeks, but years of torture!!
  • Quit4Good, Western Sydney May 28, 2012 | 12:08
    So sorry to hear about your father. Can completely understand as I had an uncle that died from emphysema and I continued to smoke even after he told me to give up! I've been smoking since I was 16 and am now 48.

    Don't beat yourself up about your other quit attempts, this is my fourth and last. Am at day 42 as a non-smoker but I understand that I can never have 'just one' or I'll be straight back to the beginning again. Take one day at a time and remember you can always find support here if times are tough!!!
  • Freakboy May 28, 2012 | 14:25
    Donnacan- Your plan sounds very sound. Good luck you can do it this time.
  • Zoeystar May 28, 2012 | 19:23
    Good luck! I'm in the same boat but I told my friends I'm quitting as they are smokers and I said I won't be seeing them for a while till I can cope enough but i know what u mean by not saying anything as i feel alot of pressure from it also,I know what your going through and it scares me not being strong enough, but we are, we can all do it, some harder then others, but in the end, we will beat this, YOU WILL DO IT! AND SO WILL I!
  • Meanie, Mid North Coast June 01, 2012 | 12:14
    Wise words Donna, I wish you every success with your quitting, good luck. I didn't tell people until they started noticing that I wasn't smoking, less pressure somehow.

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