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Illawarra Shoalhaven

commmmon just do it

Posted in Reasons to quit 27 Nov 2018
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thank you Robn and Happiness, everyone that reaches this site are willing to give them up. i understand how hard it is but there are so many toxins in tobacco and its been proven that smoking will kill you.i beg you all to give them up. once you pass the first week you start to realize your health is starting to improve. yes the craving is terrible but when you shout out NO this tends to calm you down.feel proud of your self when you give up smoking and tell your story to others so you also help others.remember if you are serious in wanting to give up, then toss whats left in your pack and start this wonderful journey with people like myself.Remember this, it sure feels good walking with money in your pocket and you tend to smile a lot more.i only think of the crave now and turns me off even more. Toss them away NOW and start your pure journey again. YOU CON DO IT

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  • Happiness November 27, 2018 | 16:26
    Hi last pack
    So glad you are here to support and encourage. Not to criticize, but i do hate the term 'GIVE UP
    Smoking because if you are open minded, you can understand how nicotine duped the brain, got us addicted, made us believe that we needed it, while in truth it did absolutely nothing for us except steal from our pockets and our health. Therefore, on understanding this we did not "give up " or are being denied.
    anything. It is that kind of thought that keeps our minds at war and hence the cravings. From experience, i did not want nor intended to quit, but have.... but i can say that it was not near the suffering i had expected. We are here to encourage others to set quit dates, not scare them away. I and others offer real solutions to ease cravings

    That being said, I am glad you are enjoying life with the grandkids and spoiling them and yourself. I take it you play an instrument, if not, you are never too old to learn. I learned the bass at 50 so i could partake in a family band. Makes you feel young again. Thinking of picking up my guitar again to keep my fingers busy, but find myself on here too much trying to get word out that a quit does not need to be hard. The mind is a powerful thing. Depends how you want to use it.
    You have a great day last pack and enjoy those rewards. You deserve it!

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