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Why I butted out

Posted in Reasons to quit 26 Nov 2018
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I am so far 45 days into my quit plan..After going to the doctors and being told that I have C.O.P.D and probably only 50% lung capacity,I thought it was a good idea to do something before it got worse .with sone luck i may regain 75% lung capacity but as for the rest their is no cure.

I got to a stage that everytime i was breathless i would smoke..i would do a task but after a minute or two i would go sit down and smoke. I couldnt even walk 200 meters down rhe road without coughing my guts up.

Please quit before you get to where I am at. Or even worse some form of cancer. A friend of mine had throat cancer from smoking..he has half a tongue and cannot eat solid food and talks like a chipmonk..

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  • Happiness November 27, 2018 | 5:19
    Hi Tazie. Congrats for becoming a Non-Smoker and Thanks for coming to re=enforce some quits with your story. It is a shame you didn't seek medical help sooner, but i am glad that quite a bit of the damage can be undone. I was diagnosed borderline copd 3 years ago, but i didn't think i could quit. It was much easier than i expected . I found something that curbed the cravings, and i found the right mindset.

    If you came here for support you came to the right place. Very friendly people who care and have great advice. Read some of my posts. I just posted a couple of links about copd.... stages, and for those with this their are some tips as to what you should not eat if you have copd. I am a mild , early stage and haven't found any that affect me, with bloating hence pressure on the diaphragm and making breathing more difficult. You will find it under the Cravings section. It is called "Feed Your Cravinngs".. It is not in the first piece but further down in the comments section. I hope that may help you breathe easier. Good luck with your recovery. Thanks again for making others aware.

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