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Jessica Smith 222
South Eastern Sydney

Because you feel better

Posted in Reasons to quit 24 Nov 2018

I have bipolar disorder and smoking helped me for a long time but when I was given a chance to be part of the nsw riot squad as in the nsw police force and help out in the Mardi gras and protest or rally's I wanted to give up on smoking to be able to help the community and members of the public to feel safe and secure and the children as well but most of to save money

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  • Happiness November 25, 2018 | 4:33
    Hi Jessica. As this is your only post i am assuming you are new to the community. Welcome ! You have come to the right place for advice and support and to do the same for others.

    Saved Money is always a plus, but there is nothing more valuable than your health. I am sorry you have to deal with bi-polar and i don't know much if anythiing about it. I do know that the food you eat helps your organs to do there jobs and the brain to do its thousands of functions too. I have no doubt, given your job that you will make short work of the nicotine monster when you understand him. Read some posts on this site and learn how the little monster made you spend your money for its hollow leg. How nicotine hi-jacked a part of your brain, and how all you feel about the cigarette is an illusion.

    You have made the decision to quit smoking. It is the best decision you will ever make. Read on and gather your tools. Face the nicotine monster and show him who is boss. It is time you took control of your life back.

    I have a few stories if you click on follow. Best of Luck in your journey. If you would like me to clarify anything, please just click to reply on MY PAGE and I will respond on your page. This way we get e=mails and message/reply. Enjoy your Journey to being smoke free.
  • Jessica Smith 222, South Eastern Sydney November 25, 2018 | 7:24
    Hi it's Jessica thanks for reading my story and for wishing me the best in my new job
  • stefania.loreti, South Eastern Sydney November 25, 2018 | 8:26
    I'm sure you'll make it and you'll show everyone how strong you are! ;)
  • Jessica Smith 222, South Eastern Sydney November 25, 2018 | 8:55
    Hi it's Jessica thanks for your reply
  • Happiness January 19, 2019 | 6:00
    Hi Jessica Smith. Quitting smoking need not be a dream but a reality. Your future goals and dreams may even depend on your becoming a non-smoker. I have posted something that i hope you will consider. "Have you Given Up, GivenUP? Try This!!!
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. A no pressure quit while you smoke. I hope some will find it enticing enough to try it.
    All the best to you in your endeavours, professional and personal.

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