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Posted in Getting started 24 Nov 2018

I smoked since i was 15, a pack a day. Everybody around me smoked and that's pretty normal since I live in Croatia. I thought I'll never quit, maybe only during pregnancy (I'm 25 now). My boyfriend hated my smoking since he is a non-smoker, and we faught a lot. After getting my Master's degree I moved back to my hometown. Suddenly everybody in my surroundings were non-smokers and I felt really silly having the need to go outside on a reeeeally cold days just to smoke. I used that opportunity to ditch the cigarettes and I can say it's a real pleasure to be finally free. I hated the lying about going to the store just to smoke one or two cigarettes on the way or having to smoke in front of all the non-smokers who hated me for my bad habit. I'm only 11 days smoke-free but I hope I'll endure a lifetime. I'm only afraid I could relapse while drinking coffee with my friends who smoke. For now, I try to avoid those situations, but other than that, I have no physical symptoms.

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  • Happiness November 24, 2018 | 14:30
    Hi Hexipexi

    Welcome to our helpline. You have come to the right place to have any questions answered Browse through stories and comments to get ideas of how to curb craving and what to do in case of one. I am assuming you are already smoke free by how your story reads. Are you using any Nrt? (Nicoline Replacement Therapy) Again, i get the feeling that you are not. Although you smoked for 10 years maybe you never smoked on a regular basis. Most people cannot do that. Even quit, one smoke can get the addiction started again.

    You clearly want to quit smoking so you should have no problem in resisting any craving or urges, as they are not nearly as bad as what we expect them to be. For some people they are a mere fleeting urge, sometimes gone before you realize what it is. Cravings are different for everyone because everyone has their own idea of what it is... truth is most are imaginary. If you want to educate yourself about what nicotine does to you, how it hooks you, ..... please read my posts to see how lucky you are to have escaped the grip of this insidious drug. You will never be tempted to smoke again. Better still you will never have to deal with cravings.

    If you should get a sense of craving, just know that if you take a few deep breaths it should disappear. A shower, a walk , making a coffee or a phone call will distract you from it. N>O>P>>E Not one puff EVER!

    If i have been wrong in my assumptions and have not answered your question, please click on my name here and ask a question on my page and i will answer you back here . Ok. ? (my page will e-mail me) same as you will be notified that i responded here. Good luck. We are here for you. Stay smoke free. Play it Safe!
  • hexipexi November 24, 2018 | 19:00
    Happiness, thank you for your support. You've assumed right, I don't use any of the NRTs. It will be 2 weeks since my last cigarette and to be honest, cravings are far more mild than I expected. I was a regular smoker, as I sad, I smoked a pack a day. I had to minimize my smoking when I moved in with my boyfriend a month ago so I decided to quit cold-turkey. As I mentioned, my only worry is that I'm not completely mentally ready o become a non-smoker since it's part of my identity (smoking since 15). I will try not to relapse and these stories and tips help me a lot. Thank you :)
  • Happiness November 25, 2018 | 5:04
    Hello again hexipex.

    I am glad quitting has been easy for you as it was for me. Maybe because we both cut down first and learned how to delay distract. Practice makes perfect they say. Believe that there is life after smoking. You have both friends that smoke and don't . There is no need to choose between them. My husband smokers right beside me and it doesn't bother me. I hang with the smokers outside on breaks. Now i have a choice whether or not i want to freeze my butt off. Your life would be no worse off for quitting as you gain so much more. Did you read my posts? If you did, what is it you feel is holding your mind back from allowing you to live as a non-smoker? What is it you feel like you would be missing? I really would like to know, because i am sure others feel the same way. Maybe together we can allay the fear.

    We have nothing but Fear to Fear. Itself. The Fear is what paralyses people into doing nothing. and letting the addiction rules their lives until they are forced to health for health reasons. Our Health is the most valuable thing we have. Our organs have their functions, but we poison their directors and then our immune systems are compromised. Why not since you seem to be one of the lucky ones, make the choice now while it is easy for you to become a Happy-Non -Smoker. You can always choose to resume smoking at a later date, though i must tell you just one smoke can and does cause relapse. It is not worth the risk. Next time quitting may not be so easy.

    Best of Luck Jess, please think about what is holding you back to committing if you can pin point it , and let us know ... it may help others if not yourself.
  • Happiness January 19, 2019 | 5:49
    Hi Hexipexi.l I trust you were successful with your smart turkey quit. You definitely sounded determined and enthusiastic about taking it on. That is almost the battle won, although nicotine is very sneaky and can get the best of you if unguarded.
    Let us know how you are fairing. Keep reading the posts and staying strong!
    Perhaps share a new story of your journey. Let others know that being persistent will pay off. To believe in one's self, and never quit the quit!

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