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Get ready, get set, stop

Posted in Getting started 23 Nov 2018

I'm two days away from never smoking another cigarette again. I've gone from 25+ a day to just 6-8 a day. I have my patches and I have lozenges and the mouth spray as back up. I'm ready to never smoke again. My problem however is that I'm not "craving" for a smoke as such, its more of a tense, agitated, nervous, building up to something feeling as I cut back.

My previous attempt I lasted 10 days and then thought "I can just have one and I'll be okay" so I bought a packet. This time I'm not going to be that silly. However this time that "need a smoke" feeling and the feelings of being lost without a smoke break aren't there (yet) but they've been replaced with the feeling I stated above.

Anyone else dealt with this kind of emotional craving instead of hunger like craving? Any tips?

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  • Happiness November 23, 2018 | 12:27
    Wow Jessixx

    Congratulations on your up coming quit. You do seem well prepared for this quit.

    I think if you were to read my posts, that you are a great candidate to be a HAPPY non-smoker smoker like myself and Red-67. Robn and some others are close if not already. These more subtle cravings are like what i had when i also reduced cigarettes and then went cold turkey. If you are doing so well now, i would advise you just to go cold turkey and rip the band-aid off quickly. Please read my story , Spice up your Cravings, and How to be a Happy Non Smoker. I hope you are in the Mind Set as i was . Please give me some feedback. Thanks and Best of Luck on you way to being smoke free.
  • Robn November 23, 2018 | 12:38
    Hi Jessica,

    What you are experiencing is a normal is a bit if anxiety about walking away from your perceived friend, the smoke. But we used it as a back bone to every day life it can be a little daunting to think of life without it....but get your mindset right and those feelings will disappear. Don’t fear your quit date, embrace...bring it happy that you are about to change your life into a happier, healthier, richer way to live. That is the have to really want to quit, you will be so pleased with the new you. Stay strong mentally and focusd on your goal. Go girl!
  • Jessiixx, Mid North Coast November 23, 2018 | 14:29
    Thanks for the replies! I'm actually really excited about this, the reason I'm preparing and I have a plan is because I want this to be my last quit. This is it. I'm confident I can do this and I'm ready to be a non smoker! If its anxiety it's really got no basis, I'm excited for this! So it can bugger off haha.
  • Happiness November 25, 2018 | 4:39
    That's the spirit Jess. You're gonna nail it!

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