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I Can Do This

Posted in Getting started 20 Nov 2018

I started smoking as teenager and continued this off and on throughout my adult life. Sure I gave up when pregnant with my kids and also had a few times I tried to quit for a while but always got sucked back in by the I'll just have one no harm in that. Before I knew it I would be back on the smokes and smoking what I was previously smoking before the weeks end. I kept telling myself I love smoking but really I didn't it was just a big part my by daily ritual. Wake up in the morning have a smoke or 2 then throughout the day smoke every chance I got. If I hoped in the car I would always light up. I knew the majority of those smokes I wasn't enjoying I was just having out of habit.

My husband and I couldn't understand why we never had any money. The credit cards were nearly maxed out yet we never hesitated in buying a $30 pack of smokes at least every day. We both woke up one day (actually 15 days ago) and both decided to kick the habit together. We are both vaping during the day. I find vaping has helped me and we will stop doing this soon as well.

We enjoy coming home and spending more time with the kids and our kids love it that we no longer smell. We get a real kick out of looking at our bank account finally having money in it.

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  • Loriwillquit November 20, 2018 | 19:55
    Great work. Don’t give in to cravings. Not worth it.
  • Robn November 20, 2018 | 22:55
    Hi Joann, good on you.....yes the saying smoking makes you stupid really is true. No money for anything else but we could always find money for our addiction. We fool ourselves into thinking we enjoy it, but it is just a way to get the nicotine hit we crave. Get your mindset right...make a smoke something you really hate and never want on that mindset and you will not have the cravings because you don’t crave what you don’t want. Stay strong, you can do this.
  • Happiness November 21, 2018 | 6:00
    I agree totally Robn. I see you were impressed with Red-67 's views as was I. It is all about the mind set Joanne . It is so helpful to already be seeing the advantages and looking forward to a quit together to improve your lives and that of your children. That is strong motivation. Even the initial withdrawal of nicotine for the 3.5 days is not as scary or hard as it has been reported to be. The battle comes after that with the mind set. Nicotine altered your brain, it needs to be reversed. As long as you truly desire to be smoke free (don't feel denied) you will be.

    A tip for some. Ginger and Turmeric (lung cleanse) are not only anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatories,but can reduce the cravings, suppress eating, prevent nausea. They are recommended to help get the mucus out of your lungs after a quit. I took them before for a week and withdrawal period and i believe it had some impact on my ease of quitting. (Check with doctor if on meds)

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