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Posted in Reasons to quit 11 Nov 2018

On the 2nd November my hubby woke up couldn’t breath we thought it was an asthma attack he said call an ambulance they came immediately he was dripping with sweat his obs were fine they took him in and on the way he had a heart attack I didn’t go with him as we have children I rang the hospital to see how he was they said he’s had a head attack I dropped in shock I was hysterical 😭 I went up there when my older kids got here and he had another one while we werw there he had 4 stressed heart attacks collapsed lung enlarge heart a blood clot in his heart all in this time he was a smoker I am going cold turkey as from now as hubby is home after spending 8 days in hospital this could of killed him so seriously I am giving up for good I am so seriously I have to for mine his and our family’s health so please if anyone can give me tips of staying strong please help as I have never done this before

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  • Red-67 November 12, 2018 | 1:33
    HI Feefee; and welcome..
    Well, you could not ask for more incentive than that. Then add the expense, and the time wasted, just so we can shove poison into our body. The more you let yourself see the truth about smoking, the easier it is to just not want one..
    Generally, with going cold turkey, you will about 3 miserable weeks. But, with the right mindset, you can separate the withdrawal symptoms, from wanting, or craving a smoke. Accept the discomfort, as you would a bad cold, or flu, and know that it will pass. Once that smoke becomes something you do NOT WANT, and not something you can't have, it gets much easier :)
  • Red-67 November 12, 2018 | 2:38
    ** you will have about 3 miserable weeks **
    Always seem to find errors, after I hit Post.. :)

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