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Posted in Quit experiences 04 Nov 2018

209 days smoke-free! Still get the odd craving, for lack of another term; more just a feeling I should be doing something, and then realise it's smoking. Occasionally think that I would like to sit down with a cuppa and a cigarette, but realise I can sit down with a cuppa anyway. Now to turn to losing the weight I've put on :(. But honestly, feeling so much better, breathing well, skin is clearer. Have saved a lot of money :). Hopefully this is encouraging to others - it's really easier than I thought it was going to be - you can all do it :) Keep up the good work, people.

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  • Robn November 04, 2018 | 18:30
    Hi Meriwink, if you can quit those horrible smokes, you can do anything, including losing the weight you have gained.
    Life is so much better in every way as a non smoker.....and the extra money adds to the benefits. Good on you, congrats!
  • Happiness November 21, 2018 | 3:03
    Good Job Meriwink

    . I thought quitting would be hard too. I guess it is as easy or hard as you make it. I am a Happy Non-Smoker of 12 Days now. Never going back to let that nasty nicotine monster rule my life again. Breathing better these days too, just like you Meriwink. Also like you, I want to encourage others to gain control of their lives and be smoke-free without feeling deprived.

    By having an open mind, as well as using the 4 d's I can easily envision myself as being happy again "in a life after the cigarette" . Once I understood how nicotine altered my dopamine, I can see how it took me over after that first cigarette over 45 years ago I have been able to banish it from my life and all the cravings with it!
    There as so many benefits to quitting smoking. Let it go.. not only the habit (addiction is more the truth) but in your mind as well and truly be free.
  • Happiness January 19, 2019 | 7:26
    Hi Merriwink. I have been trying to round up all of the past people who attempted to quit smoking and then just disappeared. I am hoping to get them back for a second or what ever attempt with a new method i am hoping will help some. Success stories like yours will also encourage them and by you sharing your story (please see Pssst... Pass It On) can aid them with knowledge and help determine what kind of quit method. That is the problem with some success stories, they are vague.
    I hope you will take part and summarize your success!

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