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My Quitting Experience- First Smoke free Month

Posted in Quit experiences 22 Oct 2018

Dear Reader,

If you are reading this post, I know you are either trying to quit or have quit and want to know about how other are dealing to keep away from it. Let me share my journey , my new life experience and how I am able to keep it away.

How it started?


Like many, my smoking journey started for fun in teen age and it began by smoking in the hideouts with friends .

I never knew when I became addicted enough and looking back its 20 Years.

I always wanted to quit and had many failed attempts and it came back .

Fast Forward - 2018 September 15

I had chronic lung infection and could barely breath. I took medications but the results were slow. I already have a condition of umblical hernia and coughing ( prolonged) is a serious threat for my hernia since it is not yet operated due to my lifestyles issues, overweight and Diabetes

I realised that it is high time for me to reconsider my health and decided to start with quitting smoking .

Before I quit, I did a lot of reading and one thing actually helped. At one you tube video, Someone asked how to quit smoking and the panelist had a very simple answer for him which worked for me

He said," Smoking is not bad. If you keep thinking that smoking is bad, you will find it difficult to quit. Instead he advised to ask a real question .. whether it is logical to smoke.. he told nothing is good or bad.. ???"

I started thinking about his statement and also used a lot of sleep hypnosis ( self ) which I feel help.

Also I want to explicitly make a note here that my lung infection also played a key role in quitting since I was able to make a difference daily as I realised the value of fresh air and oxygen while I moved from fighting to take a breath of oxygen ( infection) to breathing normal .

Fast forward Day 37

Now , I am 37 Days Smoke free. In this period, I had a business trip to another city and I was alone in Hotel for 15 Days. Travelling and staying alone have been amongst my key drivers for smoking in past.

I had a lot of intermittent craving during my travel and stay period which lasted for 10 -15 min and triggered like 3 to 4 times specially morning and evening but I used the same thoughts above that smoking is not Bad but do I really want to do something which is illogical

Now things are changed for me. Earlier, I had to walk off for smoking every 30 -40 min while in office but now I dont have that urge anymore.

I sometimes accompany my smoker friends but surprisingly that urge is not strong... earlier whenever we walked, I had this prospect of me smoking already running in my subconsious.. At time I think of trying one puff for a change ( triggers) but I am able to overcome more easily and the confidence come from my last 37 days as I feel proud to stay away for straight 37 days in last 20 years and now I want to live with this pride .

My advice

Dear Friends,

Trust me, If you are a smoker, every smoke free day in your attempt counts !!

Dont make it a big agenda that you have to quit smoking.. work on it like it is just another activity and your mind will help you . If you consider this as a havoc project, you will be so much overburdened to perform that you will eventually feel tired to meet the expectations.

Quitting is a journey.. enjoy every day , pay thanks for every smoke free day you achieve, enjoy a deep breath of oxygen and the prospect of living with your loved ones .. healthy , fit and blasting

I dont know if I articulated my thoughts well but feel free to ask question about any phase of my quit journey which you feel you are interested in.

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  • ravisca2003 January 14, 2019 | 21:45
    Dear debbie,
    1. Hardest part so far only existed for first month. After that few old memories of smoking on and off but I won't say I had to really fight or something.

    2. I feel first week was still ok since I just started with all means and determination.

    3. Week 2 and 3
    I had to really fight the beast ( the urge !!) For couple.of times a day mostly evening .

    4. Week Four
    Now on, life will change and I felt relaxed lungs . I could breathe deep. Smooth air flow. Reduced urges. Confidence and pride started boosting my confidence.

    After that , I don't really get mental reminder.of smoke anymore.

    Though as I said earlier, I have to keep my guard up.
  • Debbie317 January 12, 2019 | 15:50
    Hi ravisca, if you dont mind can i ask what was the hardest part for you so far? day 3 was the worst but only on day 6 so not much behind me yet.

  • ravisca2003 October 24, 2018 | 1:59
    Dear frnd,
    Thanks for your comment. I am perfectly good now and doing fantastic !!! Now working on my fitness n diabetes and I am sure with the confidence I got from quitting, I will reinvent myself in coming times !!
  • Maestro40 October 23, 2018 | 19:53
    Very nice post.
    I hope your lung infection is better.

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