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33 Days Smoke Free

Posted in Quit experiences 19 Oct 2018

Today is 33 days smoke free for me. I need to first stress i did not stop because i wanted too, i was told i need to.

Last month i was experiencing chest pains on a fairly regular basis. To cut a long story short the result was a almost complete blocked coronary artery (LAD), stent inserted and on meds for the foreseeable future.

My story is that of a few things, Anger, Excitement, confusion to name a few. Whilst i am greatful for the fact i am still hear to tell the story...i do miss the cigarettes, not all day everyday but mostly daily at some point, i'm hoping it gets easier. Maybe it is harder for me personally as i did not want to give up or i should say i had not thought about giving up.

Daily i have thoughts of "I'm on meds now to prevent anything bad from happening again" and then i think what a silly way to look at it, i've been given a 2nd chance and still i want to smoke! crazy i know.

On the upside of this struggle (1) I am beginning to smell things i couldn't before. (2) i am saving quite alot of money (smoking cost me appx 800-950 a month). (3) Generally i feel better and can breath better.

I will also add i am vaping (no nicotine) purely for the habit/action of smoking, i can say if i did not have this i would definately already be smoking again. Worth noting i started at the age of 15 and am now 41.

Even with all the pro's of not smoking i can honestly say i still miss it everyday and can only hope that passes. I'm probably also feeling abit resentful that it was taken away from so abruptly.

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  • eljay67, Sydney October 19, 2018 | 16:56
    Congratulations on day 33! My dad smoked almost a packet of Drum tobacco every day or two since he was about 15 - at 69 he thankfully was in hospital having tests and all his airway passages collapsed - if he wasn't at hospital we would have lost him that day - he was with us for a further four years and had a tracheostomy and mum still had to keep a packet of smokes in the house just for is piece of mind knowing they were there - not that he had another smoke after that day. Great that you can use the vape to help with the habbit/action of smoking. I'm starting day one tomorrow after I get through all the reading up on these pages. I might look at getting a vape too as it's just a normal action to reach for the smokes!!

    Best of luck in your journey.
  • Leeann , Central Coast October 19, 2018 | 21:17
    Hello Azza firstly congratulations for getting a second chance you need to reflect on this and consider yourself lucky. Ok i get you didnt choose to qui, you feel forced into it well buddy smoking is not your friend!! You might like to try to stop feeling deprived and robbed. What are you actually being robbed from? Putting toxic poisons into your body to feed an addiction. I am not judging you, we all did the same thing. The longer you stay quit the easier it gets, start thinking about how your choice is based on choosing LIFE, as you reached a crossroads and you are blessed with a fabulous chance. Please take care and perhaps consider taking up a new hobby to fill your spare time and keep busy😊

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