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Vaping as my permanent NRT

Posted in Staying quit 18 Oct 2018
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Hi All,

I have schizophrenia. I seem to need nicotine, whenever I go without it my mental health suffers dramatically. I'm 5 months smoke free now, but it took a full year of constant trying to get quit. I had to quit because I couldn't afford it (I'm on the pension)

After trying everything, in the end it was champix that got me smoke free, but after a month or so I was dying to buy cigarettes. I had vaping stuff as I'd tried to quit doing that previously, but all I did was smoke AND vape. But I'd been a month without either and had stopped the champix. So I decided that whenever I felt like a cigarette I would vape instead. I ordered nicotine from NZ and make my own fluid. Before long I was hooked on the vaping and not missing cigarettes at all.

It may not be ideal, and the purists of you out there may be thinking that I should be nicotine free. But I know my own mind and I am much better with nicotine on board. Now that I vape instead of smoking I'm only spending about 50 cents a day instead of $25. I don't smell, my sense of smell has come back amazingly. I feel good about myself for finally quitting and feel that I am safe from temptation. I couldn't think of anything worse that smoking a cigarette.

Vaping with nicotine really is just a type of NRT. If you can do without nicotine then you could wean off the vape.

good luck everyone

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1 Comment

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  • Red-67 October 19, 2018 | 8:16
    I do agree, as far as vape being much less harmful than smoke... Other than it's addictive quality, nicotine is not really harmful. It is all the other toxic chemicals we get, or got, in the smoke.. But, I think all here will agree, we all suffer, or had to suffer nicotine withdrawal. Even if you have to do it over a period of time, you should plan to reduce your nicotine intake, until you are really free.. Right ?? I often recommend the nicotine E-cig, as an aid / NRT to get off the smokes, but not to swap one bad habit, for another, maybe less harmful habit.. I really hate the term VAPING, for the craze it has become.. There are still questions about the long term affects, especially in added flavor.

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