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150 days quit

Posted in Staying quit 06 Oct 2018

150 days since stopping smoking. Thanks to everyone on here for your support and inspiration....I could not have done it without you! Hardest decision of my decision of my life. I was a s5upid smoker for 48 years and I really wish I had given them up years and years ago...but....better late than never. Stay strong and don’t ever give in....there is too much to lose!

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  • joanne4514 October 17, 2018 | 10:59
    Thank you folks...! it's you that i worship right now like Gods!!!...there is life after ciggies! love these success stories!!!
  • Robn October 15, 2018 | 9:53
    Thanks Johnnie,
    Congrats on your journey that is fantastic. Life really is so much better isn’t it? Just sorry it took me so long 5o wake up, but , better
    late than Stay well Johnnie and thanks for your means a great deal that you still come to this site and help us through.
  • Johnnie, South Eastern Sydney October 15, 2018 | 8:56
    Hi Robn....nice to see you going well. You are somewhat part of my "class" when i gave up. I am on 840 days now and yes when you see the benefit of the money you save and also the feeling of better never want to go back. Congratulations on your efforts and keep going. Cheers.
  • Robn October 08, 2018 | 11:16
    Hey Red67, how are you? Yes, when I look back, smoking was damn hard Making sure I didn’t run out, looking for places I could have a quick smoke, always planning my day around my smoking because that came before anything else. Exhausting really! But I was nothing if not committed to the cause...hahaha. As you say Red, smoking makes you stupid and keeps you that way! I will never smoke again...I don’t have time...too busy counting the money that I am saving. Stay well Red and thanks for your continued support.
  • Red-67 October 08, 2018 | 0:56
    Way to go,, Robn !!
    Yep, It does feel great to be free. I find it hard to understand, how anyone could return to smoking, after seeing the light, the benefits, and the freedom. Sure, as smokers, we are blinded by it, and breaking free is not easy, but, once we can see the reality of it, why, or what could ever make anyone go back ??
    We WERE, blind, stupid, addicts, but no more :)
  • Robn October 07, 2018 | 21:51
    Thank you Reesie and Jenna, your support is very much appreciated. Life as a non smoker is sooooo it!
  • Reesie October 07, 2018 | 21:26
    Fantastic Robn! Great to hear your doing so well and loving life 🤗
  • jenno211058 October 07, 2018 | 16:30
    Great achievement, well done.
  • Robn October 07, 2018 | 14:57
    Thanks so much safe2017..congrats to you on your amazing journey also.
  • Safe2017 October 07, 2018 | 8:52
    Congrats Robn, great achievement. Keep it up.
  • Robn October 06, 2018 | 21:33
    Yes Leeann, I feel exactly the happy to be free of it all. We will never go back!
  • Leeann , Central Coast October 06, 2018 | 20:39
    Yes it's day 110 for me now and I'm going great now I barely think of it now and no longer suffer cravings. It still pops in my head but just a passing thought now and I have fought and struggled to hard to achieve to get where I am today so there's just NO turning back. The ironic thing is I've realised now finally that I'm passed the cravingsthat there is nothing to miss and only freedom to embellish. Freedom of being a slave to a stupid addiction that robbed us all of so much.
  • Robn October 06, 2018 | 20:30
    Thanks Leeann,
    It really is just a memory of something that I used to do now, the journey has been so worth it. You are also hitting lots of milestones and should be super proud of yourself. Hope you love life as a non smoker as much as I do....thanks again.
  • Leeann , Central Coast October 06, 2018 | 20:19
    Congratulations Robn you have been an inspiration & great support to others as well. Never mind about the past as that's done now wow 150 days is awesome and a fantastic milestone. The beauty is now that it gets easier and easier and slowly fades to something we used to do. It's a fantastic achievement and you should feel really really proud that you kicked the habit😊

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