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Posted in Reasons to quit 28 Sep 2018

I guess my story is similar to everyone elses. i did quit 7 years ago for 7 months, when my life fell apart i started again.

Im one of two people in the office that smokes and the non smokers always give me the LOOK when i step out for a smoke. You now the LOOK right?? I hate that!! And with rising tabacco prises ive finally come to the decision to give`em up. I am on day 5 with Champix, althoug i have zero nausea, i`m waiting for the Champix to kick in. because i still want that smoke ALL the time.

So expensive!!

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  • SuzyQ92, Southern NSW September 28, 2018 | 18:28
    Hi money, I have been on Champix for 22 days now, I stopped smoking on day 3. ( so 19 days ) I have had a slip up last wednesday but I’m not going to let that stop me on my rode to being smoke free. I was doing really good until I went on 1 mg. On the 5th day I was irritable and started getting really depressed, tired and felt like I was so not with it. by Tuesday this week I was in a place I don’t want to go back to. I didn’t take Champix that night and started taking half a tabled Wednesday morning instead of the full dose morning and night. I feel so much better and back to my normal self, I have found the ear magnet I bought off ebay for a dollar stops the cravings a lot. I was lucky the cigarettes tasted so bad I had to stop but I refused to by another packet of cigs. You can do this, it’s hard but so worth it. I also have Allen Carr’s book how to stop smoking permanently, best investment I ever made.
    YOO CAN DO THIS.... I have already saved $450 since I quit.. 😁😁😁
  • SuzyQ92, Southern NSW September 28, 2018 | 18:33
    Sorry I meant pe. My bad..
  • Kitty-capricious, Mid North Coast September 30, 2018 | 13:27
    Pe, i hope you are doing better, try to change your mindset on smoking, research the effect tobacco has on your body and health, it certainly helped me.
    YOU CAN DO THIS, the more you say its difficult the more difficult it becomes as you will stress yourself into a craving. You dont need cigarettes they are toxic.
    Smokers are litterally giving a fortune of their own money to a company that is POISONING us with TOXIC chemicals. Smokers are paying a company of fat cats to slowly poison them, with toxic addictive chemicals. See how rhidiculous that is that they legally get away with it? We need to stop supporting these evil tobacco companies making money of our deaths/poor health/ suffering/addiction.
    I heard that the same ingredients that is in rat poison is also in tobacco plus even more toxic chemicals. (I don't know how true that is, someone told me that, but either way the fact i see it as being believable is alarming in itself).
    Please understand you don't need or want them. Thats the addiction playing tricks on you.
  • pe October 02, 2018 | 9:03
    Thank you ladies, i do feel better since posting this. I CAN DO THIS!

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