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Posted in Staying quit 25 Sep 2018
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Hi this is my first time on here. I have been reading people’s stories and comments which really do help, so thank you.

I am 16 days in and would like to say smoke free. Unfortunately I had a slip up last week, I didn’t what them horrible things but had 4 as my world was tuned upside down (no excuse)Did it make me feel any better? Absolutely not!! I was so sick the next day I have not touch a cigarette since and don’t even want to.

I have been on Champix since the 7/9/2018 and had my last cigarette on the Sunday (3rd day taking Champix) was going great until the 19th slip up.

I have found That the ear magnet I purchased from eBay for a $1.00 has stopped any cravings and keeps me calm and relaxed, with out it I’m a little irritable, ok unbearable. I used the ear magnet 2weeks before Champix and went from 20 cigs a day down to 7 so by the time I was on Champix it was easy. Smoked for 29yrs.

Yesterday I started tasting a metal taste in my mouth and can’t get rid of it (not helping my mood). I haven’t used the magnet in the last 2 days as I gave it to someone to try. (So need to get it back) my chest feels heavy but breathing so much better.

My son used to say to me, “mum why do you look so angry” I looked so withdrawn my skin was terrible that I looked 😠. My son says to me now mum you don’t look angry anymore, I have had a few comments on how good my skin looks and my hair is like silk, soft and shinny. before it was so dry that I was going to get it cut off. You don’t realise how the cancer stick drains your body and your pocket. People can smoke around me and I don’t even notice until the smoke hits my nostrils. How I don’t miss them money sucking toxic smelly things.

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  • Robn September 25, 2018 | 12:38
    Well done Suzyq92, keep going, you are doing really well. That is right, blame those poisonous smokes and hate them for all that they have cost you in time, money, self esteem....and so much more. We did not enjoy smoking, we just had to have the next hit of all addicts....we were on a roller coaster ride....but now we are back in control.
    Stay strong and can do this.

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