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Posted in Quit experiences 16 Sep 2018

33 days smoke free today it does get easier but I still find when I get stressed the cravings come back strong as ever

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  • Robn September 16, 2018 | 14:44
    Hi Lyn
    Congrats you are going great. Yes, we will always be have to be aware all the time, but it gets easier the more time we can put between us and our last smoke.
  • Leeann , Central Coast September 16, 2018 | 14:55
    Well done Lyn you are going well, I know what you mean when you get stressed, I try to walk away and take a few slow deep breaths, it helps the craving to pass. Stay strong, you can and are doing this!!!!!😊
  • 7 Bell , Nepean Blue Mountains September 16, 2018 | 21:36
    Congrats!!!! But I'm hearing you I'm day 37 on champix but only 1/2 tablet and one week left on them ... I'm just praying that when I finish them I'll be able to keep fighting the voice in my head :(((
    I just keep telling myself " I don't smoke anymore " but some days it's sooo hard :((
    I love this app and all the stories it's the only thing that Keeps me going !

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