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urges or cravings

Posted in Hints and tips 12 Sep 2018

Anyone who is struggling with urges and cravings stay strong - quitting is possible; not always easy but certainly within reach. I am quit 5yrs today whoo hoo and that is after 40yrs smoking. Zyban and some bach flower remedies (including rescue remedy) helped me stop, and also a process called 'cognitive quitting' helped me stop, and I think 'cognitive quitting' (google it if you are unfamiliar, and no they don't pay me!!) helped me stay quit, as my cravings were minimal/ manageable/weird but just controllable! - compared to what I hear others say they experience. Hang on, stay tough, feel strong you can do it - and good luck it is worth it

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  • jenno211058 September 13, 2018 | 23:15
    Hi Larch, what a great personal achievement,
    Not an easy habit to break, but you being 5 years is a great testament that its
    Thank you for keeping the page informed on your progress.
    A great mentor
  • Ohgeez! September 18, 2018 | 3:29
    Started Chantix 16 days ago and on my 2nd day without a cig, woohoo! But my biggest fear is gaining weight. I quit 18 years ago for 5 years after hypnosis and gained 25#, lost it after starting up again and now at 65 it'll be harder to take off, ya know. Any suggestions?..

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