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Cut down smoking first

Posted in Getting started 30 Aug 2018
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Cut down on smoking first then I started taking Nicolette mist I’m still on mist and change to inhaler I mix it up I’m on day 16 I’m not going to lie it’s been bloody hard but I’m hanging in there

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1 Comment

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  • Robn August 30, 2018 | 17:23
    Hi Lyn, we all know that anything worthwhile never comes easy....that is what makes it so worthwhile. You have already got to day 16 so you re doing really well. Try to change your thinking...make a smoke something you honestly don’t want...not something you feel you can’t have. Once you do that you will have no cravings...because we don’t crave what we don’t want. Think like a non smoker. You can do this...I smoked for 48 years and loved it.....I have been a non smoker for almost 4 months.....but I know and have known from the start, I will never smoke again. I worked hard on my mindset and constantly reminded myself why I wanted to kick the habit for good. You can do this, it will get easier and easier. Stay strong and focused.

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