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Posted in Hints and tips 17 May 2012

I have just logged on to say hi and check in with everyone - I have been a non smoker for 87 days!!

Last week for no particular reason I thought a bout having a cigarette most of the day - not that I was craving just out of habit I think - but NO BLOODY WAY!!

I have started running eventually to 5KM with a friend and feel awesome - my lung function is improving everyday and I have so much energy. I can pretty much say my whole lifestyle has changed and so have my network of some friends (the smokers) and social life but thats okay you know?

Confession: I do enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke and seem to smell it a mile away although the after smell, the staleness and revolting breath on people is stomach churning, and YES I am now enjoying the taste of bourbon and coke like I never knew before.

So to ramble on but I hjope for you newcomers reading this - dont give up, ride out the crappy times it is so empowering and such an acheivement and its true your willpower hgets better and better - dont let it beat you!

Stay strong peeps ;)

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  • Chrisco May 21, 2012 | 19:38
    It's GREAT just to be able to smell different things and the taste I know what you mean i've been 4weeks clean it's great even my wife cooking tastes better not just the same old bland taste keep up the good work 278 Days an it will 12 months for you Remember JUST ONE DAY AT A TIME Bye see-yah
  • rainbow4006 June 01, 2012 | 19:13
    thanks bjn for posting, im on a bit of a downer today, day 50 smoke free, have basically changed my complete lifestyle too, feeling healthier than i have in years, looking it too, but god! the cravings today are shockers, i havent really had too much trouble up til today, good to know im not the only one :)

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