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12 Days Smoke Free

Posted in Quit experiences 24 Aug 2018

Hi All,

So this is now the 4-5th time I have quit smoking, and hopefully the last... I just woke up one day and said no I don't want to smoke anymore. slapped on a patch smoked 5 smokes that day, 3 smokes the next day & two the day after.. then I just quit.. this is the first time I have felt positive about quitting.. I am now 12 days smoke free.. from someone who smoked a ack of 30's a day to none.. I am proud!! I will be posting updates on how I am going.. I have not yet felt like a smoke. my partner is still smoking which I thought would make it difficult for me but it hasn't.. one thing I am nervous about is having a few drinks that will be my first challenge I reckon!

How is everyone else going?

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  • Robn August 24, 2018 | 14:38
    Good on you Butters, you have obviously got to that point in life where you are over it, smoking and all that goes with it...none of it good. Take one day at a time and jump each hurdle as it presents itself. I am at 107 days after being a 48 year addict to the smokes. Amazes me how I could have been that stupid for that If I can. Stay focused and stay free.
  • Haydee August 24, 2018 | 19:45
    Hi Butters
    I'm on day 5 cig free. It's not easy but one day at a time. I gave up alcohol months ago now. Drinking and cigs go hand in hand. Too much temptation to smoke if I had a drink. Easier this way.
    Well done on quitting. I hope you continue on.

  • Nemi emi August 25, 2018 | 1:17
    I'm on day 32 of no smoking. It hasn't been easy but its definitely worth it! Keep up the good work. Some days are great some days are bad and some days are TERRIBLE! stay strong. Its gets better.

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