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853 Days

Posted in Hints and tips 30 Jul 2018

Hi all,

my fellow quitters, just dropping in to say 853 days sense my last smoke.

went cold turkey..

very rare i think about smoking today but it does come up from time to time but its just a passing thought.

i have quit a lot of addictions and this one is right up there on the hard to do list, but its doable i am living proof.

had to deal with all the emotions of what i was pushing down with smoking and it was like having the back of the car full of stuff and slamming on the brakes, it wasn't pretty a lot of the time and i had to come to some sort of peace with the reasons i smoked..

wont go in to detail but its part of healing taking away another crutch and smoking was a huge crutch, but i am coming out the other side and dont get to distressed now as i have had time to compartmentalizes the feelings etc and place them where they belong in a healthy way and not have them affect others as they were at the start of my quit.

one thing i have to keep telling myself is a very simple thing if i feel anger rising is more of a mantra really and that's to walk away and go and take care of myself after all quitting is about self care.

so what ever that maybe instead of wasting my time on getting someone else to do or think like i think they should i let them be who they are and go look after me, make my meals, clean my house, wash my clothes etc.. you get the picture and in the process i feel better about me and not to bothered what anyone else is doing and then i can interact with others only when i met all my own needs !! not before.

so life hasn't changed, but i am changing in a good way to take better care of me!!

wish everyone well in their own journey , i am just like you one smoke from full blown addiction again and today i dont smoke the 1st smoke and look after me as best i can today and keep working on expanding that..

it may sound selfish but its a paradox and as learn more i can do better.. its a journey not a destination !

happy smoke free today to you all and for helping me stay smoke free :)


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  • klara November 25, 2018 | 22:21
    wow. thank you
  • Maestro40 September 25, 2018 | 1:40
    This is awesome, dude!!
    A lot packed in that little text.
  • Robn July 31, 2018 | 9:03
    Hi iC, well done to you. Yes this is a journey of us all putting ourselves first and taking care of ourselves. You are doing a wonderful job of taking care of yourself and a big congrats to you. Stay strong and keep walking one day at a time.
  • jenno211058 July 30, 2018 | 23:50
    What an awesome achievement, you have done so well.
    Won't be long then you would of hit the 1000 day club
    Then you start counting in months.
    You are so positive in your petsonal journey,
    you will achieve.

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