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Posted in Getting started 26 Jul 2018

Awhile ago i joined this community asking successful quit individuals how hard it is, how they did it and is it worth it. Since im nearly at 4 weeks cold turkey I had to post a huge thankyou. These stories and encouragement were so so important. I had atleast 6 people answer me with wellwishes, advice and prayers and im SO grateful.

I made a plan and i stuck to it. Im lucky because i was able to take 4 weeks leave from my job to literally just stay at home and concentrate of ridding myself of the nicotine. My partner quit a month before me which was a huge trigger for me to push to succeed aswel.

I know my situation may be different to some people but i need you to know i have never felt like little me could achieve something that seemed so hard and daunting i promise you if i can do it anyone can.

I have no doubt i will stay quit because nearly every day does get better. It is ssooo worth it. Take a chance and try and commit to quitting and you might suprise youself at how mentally strong you can be. Goodluck to everyone you dont need it though i believe in you =)

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  • Red-67 July 26, 2018 | 2:45
    Good to hear :) Go you !!
    At 4 weeks, cold turkey, your body is free of nicotine. There may be some lingering withdrawal, but that is mostly just the habit / routine, playing around in your head.. If you can really make up your mind, you never want another one, you can set yourself free.. It can be that easy :)
  • Samcave, Western Sydney July 27, 2018 | 8:17
    Thankyou. Yeah definately lingering habits but i challenge them. My seat outside is now my reading spot. The coffee i used to have in the morning with a smoke is a milo so im breaking all these habits and memories and rewritting them. Its helped me =)

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