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One week and feeling motivated

Posted in Staying quit 07 Jul 2018

Feeling happy with myself...Have given the kids a few lil treats with the money I'd waste on cigs usually!

Like reading all the positive stories on here!

Some inspiration taken from them all.

Still one day at a time, but working on my mindset!

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  • Robn July 08, 2018 | 9:46
    Go Reese, if you really want this, you can do it. Make those smokes something you absolutely hate, put the blame on them for what they have cost you in health, money, time taken away from family etc. get this mindset and you will do it fairly easily with no cravings....because you don’t crave what you don’t want. Don’t be a smoker who can’t have a non smoker that doesn’t want is that simple.
  • Reesie July 08, 2018 | 19:18
    Yes Robn! I have seen a few of your comments, and I am taking on that mindset! Thx for the encouragement 👍👍

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