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Just turned 57 and life is great

Posted in Staying quit 12 Jun 2018
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Hi guys and girls . Here I am another birthday , 2200 days without a smoke .$ 50,000 saving which I have spent on weekends away , holidays overseas and in Australia, dinners out and cooking great meals at home with my lovely girl , being able to taste my food and wine .All free cause not smoking paid for it . I smoked for 37 years and it nearly killed me . Do yourself a favour, stay strong and become part of your family and society again , Best thing you’ll ever do

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1 Comment

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  • Robn June 12, 2018 | 20:37
    Well done to you, congrats not on quitting but for making the decision to change you life. It is a big challenge but if you get your mindset right it can be fairly easy.
    So nice to be free isn’t it.....and as you say become part of your family and society again. Thanks for your post and the encouragement to stay on this journey.

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