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Posted in Staying quit 09 Jun 2018

Hi All, Smoking cigarettes.. that what I have done for years with lot of unsuccessful attempts.. telling lies to myself that I will soon quit.. or I’m eating lot of healthy food and juice so smoking a pack will not impact me.. it’s just in mind... but no reality.. I’m thankful to God that he made me very ill and sick at the beginning of this year that I was only in bed with high fever for a wk .. did not step out of house and zero cigarettes... realised how important I’m to my loving family.. that’s it. It’s been 4 months without smoke.. I now have a piggy bag and I put money everyday ( money worth a pack of cigarettes and few coffees) .. it really makes me feel little rich when I see it growing..I now can buy an iPad Air for sure or get protein powder for my workouts or movies or shopping.. my tv cable and electricity bill can be easily taken care plus a lot of time I have now at work and at family.. thanks for that one week sickness .... definitely I feel and see that changes as I don’t get up in morning with cough and yeahh the skin complexion is better for sure... that was my story

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  • Webbquit June 09, 2018 | 20:08
    Intresting story and i too have quit many unsucsessful attempts. 4 Months is good i bet you feel better in yourself i'm nearly 11 days quit but i still have some issues with smoking. I'm wondering if hypnotherapy is worth it i don't know how sucsessful that would be also whether it's worth quitline I guess for me alot of the things out there i haven't tried so i don't know if it would work if i don't try. Good luck and well done for making it this far
  • Gulsh June 09, 2018 | 20:17
    Well, I have tried many unsuccessful attempts in last 5-6-7 years but all waste. These includes nicotine chewing gums, electric cigarettes.. but none of any use to me.. as I said earlier it’s just in mind.. as per me you need to be completely cut yourself from the environment.. for 8-10 days.. eat lot of ice cream.. spend time with some one with whom you never smoked.. after a week you will be strong and yes very important to keep your self occupied.. have your best food before your sleep.. it will be amazing :-)

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