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Posted in Staying quit 04 Jun 2018
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I am now coming up to 4 years. Wow never thought I would be the one writing this . I look back at the struggles and withdrawals and I still have not had a cig. I am NEVER going back there it is worth the withdrawal process it was so hard I don't want to be reliant on any drug ever again. I am FREE now and can do what ever I want when ever I want to do it. No worry about cig breath in a crowded room, or people stepping away when I speak. Hopping public transport without wondering and planning my next cig asap.

I now can sit and have a cuppa without one and eat a meal without using cigs as a after dinner mint. I can actually have a choc mint and sit with the conversations. Yep there is after life of where the world does still turn while having that cig outside in the elements.

A wonderful brand new life when we and can be free once again like before we picked up our first smoke. Hang in there, brainwash your brain into tricking it 'I am A non smoker" I have never smoked" affirmations the brain will start to believe after the physical withdrawals have left the body. YOU CAN DO IT xo

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1 Comment

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  • Webbquit June 04, 2018 | 11:13
    4 years is amazing, i so far in my previous attempts at quitting never made it that far. I too agree that the brain can be tricked into thinking like a non smoker. I am only about 5 days into a quit and have a fair while to go with the withdrawals. Everyone can do it. It makes me so tired and hungry my sleep patterns have changed drastically not sure if you were like that in the first week/fortnight. Keep up the good work and remember one cigarette could set you off. It seems to me you have great will power.

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