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25 days and struggling

Posted in Quit experiences 02 Jun 2018

25 days smoke free today and I’m struggling bad! Have had so many things going wrong with my life it’s lead me to feel like what the heck? Why not smoke now? I know it’s silly to think that way and at 25 days you’d think I’d be over these strong cravings but I’m not! I feel as though I’m being tested by the universe. If I can get over this hump in my life right now I’ll see the other side. I’m struggling over this hump though, severely. The worse so far along my journey. I’m going on vacation tomorrow for a week and while you think that’d be a great and easy time to refrain from smoking, I’m worried it’ll be much more difficult than normal as my still actively smoking fiancé and I are staying in a small condo with only one shared outside area he’ll have to smoke in for an entire week. Just being so close is going to drive me nuts! Help and advise is much appreciated.

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  • Webbquit June 02, 2018 | 12:21
    You could ask him if he'd be prepared to quit with you and yes it will drive you nuts mostly for me it's the smell that tempts your will power to just give in and have a cigarette but i don't advise that. My best friend at moment is the Nicorette inhaler as it's good fo strong cravings. Be proud though that you made it 25 days and maybe try quitline i still haven't tried them. NRT though is very addictive you could end up like me addicted to them but you have to look at it as a healthy addiction rather than getting those 4 thousand plus chemicals in a smoke. Vacation will help you regardless if someone else is smoking. From what ive heard you are still less than a month into the attempt and as ive read on here it's the first month that trying to get over that hurdle, and of course the first week is definantly the toughest. Advice is i'd keep up on this website as you can post anytime about the struggles you might be facing. Just be happy youve made it this far
  • Msaravalli June 02, 2018 | 12:39
    Yes posting here is very helpful and any advise is appreciated! I actually quit cold turkey, no back ups, no NRT, no anything. My go to so far has been Altoids. Seriously. For some reason the cinnamon especially help. I still take what I now call my non smoking breaks at work and sit outside eating cinnamon altoids then I come back in and feel good again. I realized, especially while at work, it was just the breaks and going outside that I missed so much so I said what the heck, I don’t have to give those up right!? I have a very lenient boss too so that helps. Sorry I got off on a tangent it happens often! You are right that NRT is so so much better. You can say I’ve swapped addictions with my altoids but like you said, so many better or less damaging things one can be addicted to. Your also right that I should be happy to have made it so far, I’ve surprised myself really. This is my 4th time quitting and I really want to succeed. Plus I’ve already noticed so many benefits, especially while at the gym. I can already run longer and faster without loosing my breath and l can smell like a hound dog lol!
  • Msaravalli June 02, 2018 | 12:44
    Oh meant to add that my fiancé isn’t ready yet but he’s already smoking less and for the most part he’s been respectful with trying to keep distance while he is smoking so I’ll have to be okay for the time being. I kind of look at this as yet another test from the universe. If only if had more time to study! Hopefully I won’t fail miserably...will keep posting here with updates 🙂
  • Red-67 June 04, 2018 | 2:09
    If you make up your mind, you don't WANT one, you don't WANT to be a slave to a cigarette, there will be no temptation. If you really don't want to be a smoker, you will quit, and stay quit, fairly easily :)

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