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Reasons to smoke

Posted in Staying quit 20 May 2018

I keep reminding myself there are absolutely NO reasons to smoke! There are soooooo many reasons why I shouldn’t! The temptations come and go sometimes catching me off guard, others I’m prepared for. 

One side of me keeps trying to justify the reasons I need a cigarette and the other side shakes her head, stomps her foot, crosses her arms and looks right into the eyes of these reasons with the meanest B**** face she can muster and says with a strong, steady and determined voice, “NO, I DO NOT WANT A CIGARETTE, I am a non-smoker”!  

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  • Robn May 22, 2018 | 16:02
    Yes,you are fighting back in your mind and if you keep doing will win the fight. It really is a mind game but with the right mindset you can achieve your end goal. You are doing great.
  • Red-67 May 22, 2018 | 3:33
    You go girl :)
    You are right. There in not, and never was, a good reason to smoke.. You are at, or near 2 weeks now ?? I imagine, you are still feeling some nicotine withdrawal, but, you can separate that feeling from craving, or wanting, in your mind.. Like you said,, I DO NOT WANT A CIGARETTE ! You CAN do this.
    For some reason, the short list, has your story looking like gibberish, but when I went to read the full story, it cleared up ? ? May be why you have not had any comments.. Seems to be a font problem, or something..

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