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Posted in Getting started 16 May 2018
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I once would have thought that nine days quit was a progressive hurdle. Now after a year of smoke-free days, then busting, I feel as if I am still very early days. I was having trouble getting a week up. Never the less, I am no longer a daily smoker. That's huge for me. My sleeping has gone out of whack. Never mind. I will try not to get too tired and vulnerable. Thank you all for your posts. I have been coming to this site for three years or more. When I read how much some people are smoking I think back to when I was having that many. I am making progress, so- Thank You.

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  • Webbquit June 02, 2018 | 12:31
    Yes nine days is fantastic i'm about 2 days a full 48 hours into it so far. What amazes me is all the people on here doing it cold turkey i tried so hard but only lasted a few hours yep me too with the sleeping as this isn't my first attempt i already know what i'm in for yes you are making progress for me i can't stand menthol cigarettes i'll only smoke them if i'm despreate and nothing else is avaliable but if you can manage to distract your mind even for a short time that's progress. The headaches luckily go away fairly quickly every time i quit i make sure to have plenty of panadol.

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