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40 days

Posted in Staying quit 15 May 2018

Hi everyone just checking in on my 40th day without a cigarette and feeling great.

Thanks to everyone here.I honestly didn’t think I could make it.

A tip for beginners just keep reading and posting.

At the beginning it was hard with the cravings and withdrawals but now they are slight

Only when I think about them and need to learn not too.

Best of luck to everyone in quitting this life sucking habit.

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  • jenno211058 May 15, 2018 | 20:03
    Hi Dolly66, you are doing great, 40 days, great personal achievment....
    We all suprise ourselves.. as when we all 1st started off in our quest to be a non smoker.. it was all very daunting, but look at us now.
    Hardly a thought these days
    You are doing great.
  • Dolly66 May 15, 2018 | 23:17
    Thankyou Jenno for your supportive words of wisdom:)
    Just taking day by day and counting
  • Red-67 May 17, 2018 | 8:19
    GO Dolly :) 40 days ! That's great. No reason to ever look back...
    When you think about them, make it just a memory of something stupid, you did for too long :)

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