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Odyssey part 3

Posted in Quit experiences 04 May 2012

It has been a long day my friends, feeling restless, annoyed and basically like smoking.... am determined not to give in. Day 9 today so I don't want to undo what I have begun. I truly believe it is the best gift you could ever give yourself. Freedom from smoking addiction. I like how I am reminded of my childhood because I can smell again, I like when my four year old says 'you smell beautiful mummy', I like not having to waste money on a pursuit that is effectively killing me slowly. I have also decided to go cold turkey from today which is why I feel more irritable. I have a memory from when I was six years old I am sitting on my mothers lap whilst she is smoking and talking with friends. She is relaxed and happy and I love how she is warm and beautiful. I bend down and reach with my mouth towards her cigarette, she pulls the smoke away and giggles,' no' she says. Her friends laugh as well and I am confused........

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  • Quit4Good , Western Sydney May 04, 2012 | 22:28
    Know what you mean pretty girl, had like the worst day today since I quit, am on day 18 and could have so easily brought a packet and smoked the lot. Well today's almost over and tomorrow can only be better!!
  • gav May 06, 2012 | 20:40
    Stick with it... 9 days is a lot of days when you are just starting...
    Think of your 4 year old boy and how his Mum will be around a lot longer if you stay quit. That helps me a lot with my 4 year old daughter.
    Good luck !!!
  • Rhylana , Murrumbidgee May 11, 2012 | 12:23
    Keep going pretty girl you are so good, sometimes its one hour at a time!! stay determined!!

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