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Posted in Getting started 03 May 2012

....Default is a word that if we use computers we understand.  If you don't intentionally change a default, it will keep going on.  Like in your word processing.  The font will be the way it was set originally unless you change it.  Well, to make a long long story as short as possible, we are like computers.  We have placed defaults in place and unless we take a hard look at them they stay in place.  Imagine this.....the alarm goes off or you wake up as you normally do in the morning and all the actions that follow are sort of automatic...and if one of them is lighting a cigarette its a default.  I realized my cigarette defaults were first thing in the morning, after anything to eat, getting in the car to drive,having a coffee, drinking a beer....the list goes on and on....then other defaults kicked coughing, getting anxious if i was low on cigarettes, using breath mints etc.  So, I grew weary of all this automatically reaching for a cigaretter.  I realized I lit a cigarette everytime a comercial came on television or any time I was bored.  Also, when i was doing my weekly budget for my spend as you like money, a portion was going automatically for cigarettes and over the years that amount was growing exponentially.  Finally I got fed up by feeling I was controlled by these defaults and I had a chat with my doctor and decided to quit smoking and learned of the Champix plan.  I am only three days into it, and I can feel that it is already working for glad I finally got off my butt and did something about it.

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  • MickeyJ, Southern NSW May 09, 2012 | 11:17
    Yes Cheaney, the dual personality thing is definitely there. For me it was more like there was another entity in my body that would try to take control and make me smoke. It would talk to me, tempt me, try to convince me that smoking would be OK. I actually spoke out loud to it. It still pops up every now and then but I know it so well by now. It's all a head game from day 3 onwards I reckon.
  • cheaney, Central Coast May 08, 2012 | 16:36 seven on the smoking is great, but i still have strong cravings from time to time....i keep telling myself that i really want to do this and to be strong...its like i have developed a dual personality...the me that hankers for a cigarette and the other me that stops me...i may even name him, hahaha...well, fingers crossed and one week almost down...on the way to being a complete nonsmoker....
  • MickeyJ, Southern NSW May 05, 2012 | 15:57
    Great post and so true. I found anther default this week. 108 days quit and wondering why I was feeling like a smoke. I had a cold this week for the first time since I quit. The way my body and lungs felt with a cold was different coz I hadn't been in this condition before without smoking. My body has a memory. It was going.. Cold equals have a smoke.
  • NowaNonSmoker!, Western Sydney May 03, 2012 | 22:16
    Awesome post Cheney.. Congrats on taking the the first step. I used champix as well - quit after 2 weeks. That was 123 days ago. No slip ups. Stick with it and distract yourself!

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