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Staying Quit been tricky

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Apr 2018

Hi all, I have been off and on the ciggies but haven't bought a pack for myself for a couple of months but have had a few here and there when partner leavees them around and when socialising. So dramatically cut down but give into temptation here and there which I am trying not to do. I am in Melbourne for a few weeks and not staying with a sibling who is a smoker so one does need to avoid smokers where possible.

Expecting this 2 weeks away from (ex-partner) will really allow a good solid detox and need to prepare for saying no to having any ciggies. But on the bright side, my skin, breathing and fitness has improved dramatically.

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  • weewillem April 18, 2018 | 22:51
    Good work Liza. Don't you hate being a slave to that monster! Good luck with your quest for freedom.
  • Ted67, Mid North Coast April 19, 2018 | 8:39
    Good Morning all. This is my day 13 and I have to say "Gee this is hard when I am also on a no sugar and no carb regime". Liza I too have fallen off the wagon - 5 times so far, but after a 50 year habit I don't worry over it. You shouldn't either. Mind you, I am taking Champix tablets which are heaven sent and help a tremendous amount. I also "have to find something else to do" and consequently I sleep a lot. My doctor said that's fine and to let me sleep as much as I want. I guess I am lucky because I am not surrounded by smokers, living in the country where we don't socialise much. But it's a long journey to giving up and I am not beating myself up for any slip ups. I would just like to add one interesting thing: Because of the no carb, no sugar regime, I no longer have to take Metformin for my diabetes, and because I am not smoking like I used to I rarely need to bother with puffers for my emphysema so I think those signs are pretty significant.
  • Pegster April 21, 2018 | 0:48
    Wow - Ted... good for you. Hey there Liza! You inspired me to continue. Now we want to do the same for you. You can do this....NO WAIT.... you are doing this! YOU ARE NOT A SMOKER! anymore! It gets better and better yes!
  • Red-67 April 23, 2018 | 2:03
    You don't need to avoid smokers.. You just have to make up your mind, you don't want to be one any more. Make that smoke something you really do NOT WANT, and it will not matter who or what is around you. You are still thinking like a smoker, and still a slave to them.. Break free, you can do it...

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