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100 not out

Posted in Quit experiences 12 Apr 2018

G'day all.Well 100 days ago I quit smoking cold turkey, for me an amazing century of days ,good and bad with so strong cravings to lessening ones and now none at all.Its been a journey that's for sure and I reckon it ain't over yet.Gonna celebrate tonight when the missus gets home with a bottle of red(or two).She's been on this journey with me from day 1 and like this site and the people on it has been a significant reasoon for my success so far.So those of you just beginning and those of you a long long way in and even those that occasionally visit this site who have well and truly given up..I say thanks and keep focussed,stay vigilant,do not give in and NO MATTER WHAT! do not smoke..Woo Hoo

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  • NotThisTime April 13, 2018 | 0:59
    100 days is amazing colloquial! In my experience, quitting cold turkey was what worked best for me and was the method I used this last quit. I agree 100% when you say to keep focused, stay vigilant and do not give in, no matter what. Keep this mindset and before you know it you have another 100 days under your belt. Congratulations!
  • Lookingforfreedom1 April 23, 2018 | 20:53
    Congrats on the 111 day of being smoke free!
  • jenno211058 May 09, 2018 | 20:06
    I havent been on for awhile, but just checking to see how well you are travelling on your journey.... a month on from this posting of a great task of 100 days.

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